Sunday, June 6, 2010


I'm open to other suggestions for the title of my blog... It was originally "A Baylor Grad's Tale," but that didn't seem befitting.
Also, I might have to try vlogging (aka, video-blogging). I hear it's much shorter than writing it up. It would probably make it easier on you too, so you don't have to read long posts, such as todays.
Any comments?


  1. you know i've always been partial to Joojoo insteand of Juju. :P

    it all sounds so exciting and amazing! have you tried rambutan already? it is one of my favorite fruits, but i haven't had it in years! you must eat tons for me!!!

    vlogging sounds cool! i would love to watch you ramble about your days lol

    miss you! stay safe!


  2. The food and traffic remind me of Indonesia. So have you tried to cross the street yet?